FuckU-FuckMe for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista provides the most complete remote sex solution for the Internet and corporate intranet.
Powerful features let you sexually communicate with your remote partner and provide an absolutely realistic sensual experience of a real intercourse.
The basic FuckU-FuckMe kit consists of two hardware units - Genital Drive  model M (male) and Genital Drive model F (female) and an accompanying software interface.
The Genital Drive is an internal device in a standard case that can be installed in any free 5.25" slot of your PC. The FuckU-FuckMe software connects your Genital Drive with a corresponding unit on a remote PC using TCP/IP protocol.
When you start remote sexual intercourse with your partner using FuckU-FuckMe the system will transmit all your actions to his/her Genital Drive and precisely reproduce them in real time.
The system has intuitive interface and allows you to entirely concentrate on remote communication. 

Genital Drive model F or M closed

Genital Drive model M ready for operation

Genital Drive model F ready for operation